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About Kedar Industries

  • To establish & start functions of the spinning units before 2014
  • To venture into all commodities export-import business in next 5 years
  • To establish modern cotton fibre quality testing laboratory



PASHUPATI Cotton Industries

Kadi Nandasan Road,
Kadi - 382 715 (N.G.) India
Fax - +91-2764-262240
Email : info@pashupaticotton.com

About Kedar Industries
Welcome to PASHUPATI Cotton Industries
We have integrated our ginning business and produce cotton oil by using cotton seeds. It is a byproduct of our Cotton Ginning unit. Since its inception in the Year 1999, we have achieved continuous upward growth...........More

Industrial Profile

Cotton is a crop that exerts considerable influence on India's economy. Besides securing livelihood for over 60 million people engaged in various vocations related to farming, trade and textile industry, cotton is also instrumental in ensuring about 20% of our export earnings.

PASHUPATI Cotton Industries and The Group of Industries are fully modernized and composite unit of Ginning and pressing. The ginning industry separates cotton fibers from seeds. The ginning process is the most important mechanical treatment that cotton undergoes before it is converted into yarns and fabrics. Any damage caused to the quality of fibers during ginning cannot be rectified later in the spinning or subsequent processes and milling.

Quality has two aspects acceptable fiber attributes and high level of cleanness. The former is genetically controlled and hence calls for earnest efforts in breeding research. Cleanliness implies low levels for trash and contaminants that presently abound in Indian cottons

Pre-cleaning of seed cotton is the rule. Material transfer is done mechanically. As a result, trash (i.e Leaf bits, bracts, Motes, boll rinds, Honeydew, seed coat fragments, cut seeds, Sand, dust stones Grass) and contamination (i.e. Plastic film, Polyester & Jute fibre, Threads & fabric bits, Cotton threads and fabric, Plastic ribbons, Metal pieces, Paper bits, Match boxes, Leather pieces, Human hair, Marking ink, Oil, Grass) levels are low and we extremely care for the same.



cotton product PASHUPATI Cotton Industries manufactures of Cotton, Cotton seeds, Cotton cakes, Oil. ..........More


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